Personalizing Nutrition
Through Connected Data

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The rise in aging population and food related chronic conditions in the digital era creates a vast opportunity to inspire people to maintain healthy lifestyles using technology. A critical condition about healthy nutrition is that it must be prescribed in the context of everyday life. Data should be used to better understand the ‘soft science’ of wellbeing and emotions associated with food and personal care and direct them towards a healthier and happier way of life.

Why can’t science solve our most basic question of survival? In many ways, it’s the simplest possible question: What should we eat?



Recent years have witnessed several changes in the landscape of nutrition and health. Nevertheless, existing nutrition solutions are fragmented and generic due to the lack of context and real-life input. In his acclaimed book “The Patient Will See You Now”, leading digital health advocate Dr. Eric Topol envisions a world in which patients manage their health so effectively with digital tools. He tells of a future where consumer technologies empower people to do things like self-diagnose, receive customized treatment plans, and automatically track their biometrics. People living with diabetes will be among those with the most to gain from such a future. Contextual awareness and AI are essential for this vision to come to pass.



A food company introduced LIFEdata solutions to engage their consumers anytime throughout the day becoming not only a food company but the brand building their eating habits. LIFEdata platform was customized with the their look & feel and the brand personality to talk directly with the final consumer, recipes and nutritional know how from the R&D was re-crafted to become actionable, real-life support to any customer.


LIFEdata is an artificial intelligence based nutrition and lifestyle platform that helps individuals adopt a healthy nutrition by learning and utilizing each person’s life habits, environment, motivations, and behavioral change patterns. Our platform’s mobile app and web interface sync with our database of nutrition data, millions of recipes, and smart lifestyle suggestion AI. We use a wide array of data inputs, from surveys to medical histories, to create highly personalized recommendations for each user. LIFEdata is designed to change people’s behavior around food.



A simplified, guided selection between the right food environment (created for each individual from their life data and preferences) made it the right tool to teach smart eating to children and families in order to prevent chronic diseases.

Contextual and voice-activated support was introduced helping people cook healthier with what they have in their kitchen, guiding them step by step from the ingredient selection to recipe preparation and shopping list creation.





Today, consumers expect personalized experiences when they interact with brands. And that means marketers aren’t just closing transactions, they’re building relationships. By coupling their data with machine learning, marketers can understand new audiences that are similar to their best customers. That’s a win-win. The way data is tracked today is narrow in scope. Apps and devices do not take into account the user’s physical world experience nor gain insights from other devices. This narrow view of the user limits the app or device’s ability to impact the user’s choices.

LIFEdata PersonalHEALTH is the most personalized digital nutrition and lifestyle platform, uncovering the invisible connections between people and food to empower better nutritional decisions for better health outcomes. It’s not about counting calories anymore. It’s the digital signature of how food affects the body. Our technology recognizes that not only will two people respond differently to the same food, but a single individual may respond differently to the same food at different times balancing in real time nutritional fitness of foods that love you back.






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