Solving the Omni-Channel Dilemma

Use AI & Small Data to automate & simplify User Experience and Productivity

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Omni-Channel Instant Everything with AI

Bots and smart assistants are the new way for your customers to interact with your business.

They're more natural and engaging than websites or forms.
Tell a story in one familiar experience to build new sales, and start collecting data to develop the super-powers that build the massive success of Google and Amazon!

Tell your story

Send text and images, using what you know about the user - conversations feel alive. Highlight information, offers, deadlines with smart cards, and personal images, links and attachments.

Grow your business

Keep customers informed naturally and unobtrusively, pushing messages to your users at the right time.

Collect information

Ask natural questions and make sure you get consistent, usable answers, powered by contextual personalization.

Chat directly to your customers

Talk directly to your customers through your chatbot. Plugs into email or your helpdesk software - no new tools to learn.

AI Solutions

LIFEdata Halo is the simplest enterprise-grade platform for creating and maintaining smart bots and voice apps for Small and Medium Business powered by Artificial Intelligence and Behavior Science.

Your bots and chatbots can be published on your website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp for Business, and smart assistants, such as Google Home and Alexa.

Your customers want to resolve problems, not talk to robots.
LIFEdata answers customer questions and automates the actions of your human agents to cut costs and simplify the user experience.

Discover How Simple Is Building The Perfect Smart Bot For Your Business

More Than Just A Bot

LIFEdata is the simplest, fastest way to integrate AI into your business. A Conversational AI platform that’s actually intelligent.
One Hub to connect Data, Insight & Action.

Web & native
mobile apps (iOS / Android)

Whatsapp for Business
& Facebook Messenger

Amazon Alexa
& Google Assistant

Mobile First, Digital Everything

An assistant that works for you to improve all aspects of your daily life. AI that learns from you to suggest personalized and predicted responses. Easily manage your customers’ day to day life: find new food, schedule an event, buy shoes, and get work done.

Go beyond just search

Use LIFEdata AI engine to find answers, not documents. No more crawling through a knowledge base or waiting for a human response. Allow your customers to get answers and take action using personalized workflows.

Understand intent signals

Whether it's to get excited, build confidence, or manage their money, people are using search to shape and validate the decisions they make. To ensure you’re part of their consideration set, pay attention to the intent behind people’s searches and adapt your messaging accordingly.

Plug into your existing process

No need to retrain your agents or go through a time-consuming installation. We connect to your existing knowledge base and ticketing system. For custom integrations, our production-ready APIs make automation tasks painless.

Turn Smartphone, IOT and Smart home data into Action

Our world is full of noise that prevents your offers from reaching your audience at the best moment:


How people go through their day


The key moments that matter



Turn Smartphone, IOT and Smart home data into behavioral insights. Uncover when your users need your service most. Make your business personal for each one of them.

Discover how AI can grow your business and cut costs

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