Is your Business Intelligent enough?


Find out how AI for Business Agility can make your business innovate from necessity


AI for Business Agility

Use AI with no code. Respond quickly to the changing needs of business, eliminate human errors, and save on the headcount

The Intelligent Enterprise

Save people time and get them what they want as quickly as possible with People-first AI, a human-centric no-code SaaS platform to optimize your unique mix of processes, people, and systems.


  • No need for IT personnel
  • Results in week, not months

One-Stop Service

Transform your website into a one-stop Service Hub where you manage your relationships and your internal teams to complete business


  • Intelligent relationship management
  • WhatsApp automation
  • Messaging-first CRM:
    • Online to Offline user journey
    • Single customer view

Omnichannel Commerce

Sell more faster adding with 1-click Voice Commerce, WhatsApp and Artificial Intelligence to your ecommerce and retail stores


  • Voice commerce
  • WhatsApp commerce
  • Experience-driven commerce:
    • Online to Offline
    • In-Store digital experience

Remote Work Mngmt

Capture and share the knowledge of remote teams. Quickly gather collective intelligence. Transform your company into a Self-Learning Organization


  • Knowledge delivery
  • Workplace intelligence
  • Collaboration-first:
    • Next best action
    • Expert Q&A

Save People Time with AI for Business Agility

Augmented Intelligence for Business Agility

  • The Covid-19 crisis has changed how we work. More decisions to make. Faster.

  • Performance is defined by the speed of learning and decision.

  • LIFEdata is Human-Machine Augmented Intelligence that simplifies the relationship between people and data. Collaborative Intelligence to turn data into action.


Omnichannel Customer Experience
Ecommerce B2C
Digital Innovation in Retail

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Save People Time with AI for Business Agility