Transform your organizational knowledge in ROI

Knowledge Augmentation Solutions powered by AI

Faster Answers
Increase in Online Resolution Rates
Increase in Customer Satisfaction

How to Sell More with Knowledge Augmentation Solutions

Get more sales saving your employees time and getting them what they want as quickly as possible.

LIFEdata is an AI Voice platform that turns speech (and instant messaging) into action, enabling the Omni-Channel User Experience.

The LIFEdata AI platform simplifies human interactions with connected devices.

Empower your employees to true digital adoption and transform your organizational knowledge in ROI.

Use Voice and Instant Messaging to give your field force access to current customer information, documents, tasks and provide personalized guidance to turn a critical, vulnerable moment with a customer into an opportunity for sales or loyalty.

Voice-Enabled Knowledge Automation

Inspire employee productivity with smarter tools
There is a simple and more efficient way to handle all of your staff-related enquiries.
We know what your employees mean, not what they type.

People have different ways of asking the same question. So how do you ensure important HR information can easily be found?
Our knowledge automation solution for employees offers intuitive, self-service features to help you automate the delivery of HR answers, capture organizational expertise and distribute this collective intelligence across your organization. Let them know you care with 24×7 access to HR services, available for any mobile device and any time of day.

Omni-Channel Intelligent Knowledge Augmentation

We’re all going Omnichannel, whether we’re customers or employees. Our average attention span has fallen to a few seconds.

Why should we search if we can just ask?

Nobody has time to wait.
Save people time and get them what they want as quickly as possible with connected Knowledge Augmentation solutions to turn a critical, vulnerable moment with a customer into an opportunity for sales and loyalty:

  • More sales opportunity and increased average volume
  • Improved first visit resolution
  • Decreased customer support call volume
  • Minimized windshield time.

Voice AI-Powered Knowledge Augmentation

We are changing the way businesses connect people with knowledge.
Even simple problems can be difficult to resolve with a single enquiry and often people will have follow-up questions.

Ensure customer success with every self-service experience with Voice and Instant Messaging. Anticipate what customers are likely to ask you next.

LIFEdata understands the context of customer enquiries and predicts what people are likely to ask next in real-time.

Our knowledge automation solutions for customers provide a more natural and rewarding way for people to obtain self-service across all channels and devices.

Results in days, not months

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Live Deployment
20-40 min 2-4 days 1-2 weeks 1-3 months

Empower users to true digital adoption and transform your organizational knowledge in ROI

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