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Brands like Netflix and Amazon have pushed the envelope for customer recommendations and anticipatory service so much so that we are now entering the ‘advice era’, in which customer service is increasingly expected to be a function that offers more than just solutions to problems. How can your brand ensure it’s able to match the proactive, predictive service of the likes of Netflix and Amazon and how can you harness AI technologies to improve your customer experience today, not in the future?



Mobile is a critical part of the customer journey, but most consumer brands have not implemented successful mobile programs to date, with shockingly low ROI on all efforts. This is because they are relying strictly on branded apps and implementing advertising that does not take into account the uniqueness of the channel.

Customers expect a personalized shopping experience. That’s one of the best ways to increase engagement and sales. People should be encouraged to create a customer profile on websites or mobile applications to monitor their habits and give them special offers based on their browsing pattern or previous purchases. Personalization tactics make it easier to upsell and cross-sell to customers. Ultimately, this means selling more money without spending much. It is actually cheaper to target current customers than it is to acquire new ones. Studies show that personalized email messages to subscribers can improve conversion rates by 10% and increase click-through rates by 14%. Personalized subject lines of emails increase the chances of being opened by 26%.



A prime food company leader in its industry is main sponsor in several sports. The company is managing separately sponsorship, social media, website, mobile apps and their presence on the websites of athletes and federations that they sponsor. CRM was not smooth as they are not having a sole data foundation for the same user.




The client assessed LIFEdata technology integration on their website, social media channels and mobile apps to recall their sponsorships and create an active engagement through biomarketing. Instead of managing passively important sponsorship investments, the client went the extra-mile building a contextual initiative around sponsorship, nutrition, their values and their offer. For example, based on the user’s sport preference each user is getting specific educational content, personalized food recommendations and the client’s products are proposed contextually based on the user preferences/intent.




LIFEdata learns user’s habits and preferences as they happen and delivers offers or experiences when they are needed using real-time knowledge. It reacts to what users do throughout the day to increase engagement based on a combination of individual’s biological, behavioral and psychological data, to enable individualized interaction and real time-engagement. LIFEdata personal assistant detects the change in the user’s context and make recommendations for the new context. LIFEData.AI’s personalized, automated conversation experiences deliver the right conversation at the right time based on the user’s profile, enabling businesses to manage resources and scale.

If the user is geolocated on the mountains or liking winter sports, he will get personalized nutrition recommendations targeted to his preferences, these sports and location with sponsored content by winter sports athletes endorsing the company in contextualized, personalized recommendations.






Mobile Engagement Through Biomarketing

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