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Use AI & Small Data to Reduce Manual Work


Information is overwhelming. Time is the new currency.
How can you reduce manual work, human errors and increase employees' engagement and productivity?

Deliver Smart Digital Workplace Solutions

Enabling the Workplace of YOU

AI can have a strategic value for your business if:

  • Cuts operational costs
  • Generates new value.

More efficiency from automating trivial tasks, anomalies spotting, predictive maintenance are typical advantages of digital innovation.

Intelligent automation helps your business because:
• Answers are guaranteed 24/7. Not office hours
• Business processes are respected and any out of process is tracked
• Technology learns like people – even better, you decide answers and behaviors that are approved
• Complete processes (onboarding, complex configuration, compliance checks, advisory with sales admin…) can be automated in a progressive way, providing accountability and reports in real time.

Picture this.
Your reps no longer need to use only business systems, but they can use the instant convenience of WhatsApp to book meetings, share docs and reports, search for products in the catalog. And everything is saved in your business systems, with maximum security.

Robert is a sales representative on the territory. He manages all his meetings on the phone’s agenda. Artificial intelligence creates the fastest routes, but also tracks local visits for the company.

When Robert is driving to the ABC company, types ABC-orders, and gets the latest order history in WhatsApp. Now he enters into negotiation and – for once he is prepared – given that information arrives on time without effort, and without asking anyone.

The owner of the ABC company is not convinced of the latest offer, so Robert needs accurate and relevant information. In negotiation the customer does not let you wait to browse a catalog with 500 SKUs, but Robert has super-powers, type the name of the product and this pops out immediately with a brief description, and the photo.

Robert shows the customer how efficient his company is, not wasting time, but it is there to help company ABC grow its business and save time. The customer confirms a new order, Robert clicks on the product and generates a new order on the ABC company file, immediately displays the delivery date so the customer is incentivized to confirm the order immediately.

Robert places the order that it’s processed automatically without having to pass from the sales administration, the confirmation is sent real time to the customer’s email with the invoice being issued.

Robert feels relieved of the administrative work that sometimes makes him forget to sell, or when he must call in the office and since the secretary is on lunch break he loses the sale because it is often a matter of seconds.

Knowledge Management

Only 29% of companies are actually successful at connecting analytics to action due to the lack of solutions to drive business outcomes from their data (Forrester).

Fast decision making or creating individual value for customers has become complicated due to multiple, complex systems, interfaces and large amounts of data in enterprises.

Next Best Action – customer side
Provide a Next Best Action to your customer that creates value in every interaction.

Transform interactions in transactions
Reducing the time to define and deliver the next best offer for every individual customer from 5min-60min to under 10seconds. Improvement = 30x

Reduce employee errors
Reducing the time investment for employees to learn how to utilize the new solution to define a next best offer or action for a customer from 1day-5 days to 1h.
Improvement = 24x

WhatsApp for Business

LIFEdata connects enterprises of all sizes to WhatsApp’s Business solutions, making business-to-customer communications feel as natural as communicating with family and friends.

LIFEdata Halo integrates with WhatsApp for Business to orchestrate automated, personalized customer/employee interactions saving data into your systems.
Take advantage of WhatsApp’s rich media capacity:
• SMART COLLABORATION: Increase your employee productivity making them communicate with the channel more familiar to them, book meetings, share calendar appointments, search product catalogues, place offers on Whatsapp. Securely conduct business on a private channel.
• DISTRIBUTED SALESFORCE: Share information regarding orders, deliveries, appointment reminders, payment processing, finance pre-authorization and more on a platform your agents check multiple times per day.
• DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT: Reduce human errors enabling instant search in WhatsApp instead of having them search for a product sheet in a product catalogue and then look up for the right information
• DISTRIBUTED WORKPLACE: Reach your staff where they already are with individually-tailored information, messages, reminders based on location, behavior, events (traffic, transport, discounts, proximity…) or urgent updates such as travel itinerary changes, system outages, location-targeted alerts…


With 1.5 billion global users and end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp is poised to be the world’s most powerful business messaging channel. But WhatsApp’s commitment to trust and security means connecting to its new Business API is more burdensome than any other messaging channel.

LIFEdata makes it easy for businesses to securely conduct a business on a private channel that it’s the one more familiar for your staff.

WhatsApp for Business is available on Android in selected countries only but iOS version will be soon released.

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