Helping People With Diabetes And Prediabetes

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Managing diabetes is not easy. Patients become burdened with managing day to day aspects of their disease from their blood glucose testing and medication to food choices and physical activity. Putting all their treatment goals into action is very challenging and contact with healthcare professionals is limited in terms of hours per year – most of their disease management is managed alone.



Today, you can find connected glucometers that inspect strips dabbed with an enduser’s blood and store the glucose readings in the cloud. Other glucometers do continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) with sensors in the user’s skin. Some of these tools try to spot trends within the glucose data, predict hypoglycemic reactions, and buzz to remind patients to check their blood sugar. But none can peer into the physical world to see what’s impacting the patient in the day-to-day. At the same time, wearable fitness trackers like Fitbit and Garmin give people with diabetes a little more self-awareness about their exercising habits. But, alone, they don’t do much to support the patient ’s broader needs. Meanwhile, medication adherence apps and smart pill dispensers help patients remember to take their medications with periodic alerts and other features. Part of how these solutions engage users is by drawing upon the data they collect about them. All these technologies – the connected glucometers, fitness trackers, and medication reminders – do a very limited job of helping people manage their diabetes in today hectic life, as they lack a contextual understanding of each patient.



A worldwide consumer health provider was looking for solutions to improve patient experience is key to building patient preference and loyalty, and today the experience needs to be highly personalized, integrating your company device usage into their daily lifestyle.

  • How can we better assess patient needs across multiple dimensions such as medical, lifestyle or psychological needs and recommend solutions based on the results of this assessment encouraging a more active use of our medical device?
  • How can we become a meaningful part of their life out of the pure medical act?




An AI Personalized Health Coach integrating personalized nutrition and exercise advice based on patient profile and blood glucose detection to guide, monitor, collect and analyze patient feedback incorporating the company’s device usage in their daily lifestyle. Predictively prevent risk situation warning users sharing physical world insights with patients and providers that would’ve otherwise been unavailable, for example, a user’s sleeping patterns and work habits compared to glucose levels trends.


LIFEdata is an artificial intelligence-based personal around-the-clock digital intervention program that helps individuals lose weight, eat healthy and become more active, with the goal of living better quality life with diabetes or reducing their long-term risk of having it. Each individual has his or her own life habits, motivations, and behavioral change triggers. So, the person’s needs are assessed across medical, lifestyle or psychological dimensions and user feedback is gathered to make the platform a meaningful part of their life out of episodic medical acts. Self-management is critical for diabetics. So, patients need simple tools and services that can help them understand how their lifestyle or activities affect their diabetes, identify sub-optimal patterns and how they can adjust and allow their family and health professionals to provide care where necessary. AI Personalized Health Coach integrates data about the user’s blood A1C levels, life habits, schedule, activity patterns, driving and walking routes, surroundings, and more, to provide personalized, contextual, just-in-time, just-in-place recommendations that guide him or her toward achieving recommended activity, weight reduction, and diet goals in a way that fits the user’s real-world life habits and lead to sustainable and meaningful behavioral change in the long run.





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An AI Personalized Health Coach integrating personalized lifestyle with blood glucose parameters

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