The Personal Health Technology Revolution

Use AI & Small Data to make it easy for individuals at any age to take a more active role in Managing their Health

Digital Nutrition Platform

LIFEdata PersonalHEALTH is the most personalized digital nutrition and lifestyle platform, uncovering the invisible connections between people and food to empower better nutritional decisions for better health outcomes. Our platform’s mobile app and web interface sync with our database of nutrition data, millions of recipes, and smart lifestyle suggestion AI. We use a wide array of data inputs, from surveys to medical histories, to create highly personalized recommendations for each user.

LIFEdata is designed to change people’s behavior around food. The app learns the users’ preferences and lifestyle and – depending on the specific goal, profile, lifestyle and environmental conditions (pollution, for example) – can suggest recipes and shopping list. Suggestions are generated by hundreds of AI algorithms based on individual preferences and data the app has collected about the user.

Enable healthcare professionals to write a prescription for food in really specific ways to address conditions like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, Crohn’s, Alzheimer’s through prescriptive, personalized, evidence-based nutrition programs.

The first mobile coaching solution that is designed specifically to help children and families lose weight and develop smarter eating skills.

Disease Management Through Metrics Tracking

The app is detecting and analyzing blood glucose patterns together with activity. The intelligent technology suggests user small changes in her lifestyle. The user gets engaged and motivated with the reason behind the personalized recommendations getting moved towards the Next Best Action.

The app lives unobtrusively with you and shows up only when needed adding personalized guidance. Here work out is detected and blood glucose was usually going down so a snack is beneficial to avoid consequences.

Discover how AI and Small Data can help us Live Healthier and cut Healthcare Costs

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