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Make each one of us count in the AI world


How can we help our customers tell us what they need and decrease their time to that outcome?

Enabling the AI-Driven Enterprise

People expect a brand experience that matches their digital lifestyles. Today’s consumers demand improved ease of use, relevance and personalization, delivered across channels in a frictionless and consistent way.

How people go through their day
The key moments that matter
Their lives accordingly

The smartphone is a proxy of your customer, and customer experience defines your organization’s success. LIFEdata empowers you to connect with your digital customers where and when it matters most, understanding their uniqueness: when they discover products, consider a purchase, place an order, use what they have bought, and share the experience.

We’re in the business of enabling efficient social and business interactions, mediated by software.

Turn IOT sensor data into monetizable experiences.
Unlock context-aware personalization.
Get behavioral insights and real-time automation based upon a rich timeline of contextual moments, situational context and relevant behavioral profiles.


AI that works in the real world

2019 will be the year of specialized AI systems built by organizations based on their own data.

Most enterprises don’t have the data, the time, the expertise or the money to build a production-ready AI solution that delivers value.
The promise of big data then quickly becomes the all-you-can-eat buffet of non-existent insight.

Thick data closes the gaps in big data analytics.
Numbers alone aren’t enough. Businesses need to know how a product or service fits into the emotional lives of their customers. Big Data is primarily about correlations whereas Small Data is about causal relationships.
The beauty of huge vats of data being crunched with immense processing power is that the machine frees up the humans to do the creative work of understanding what it all means.

The interpretation of data cannot take priority over the Voice of the Customer. The role of data is to analyze and accentuate the human experience with a brand.

High Performance: The convergence of Human and Artificial Intelligence

Everything that we’re seeing flourish today—mobile, voice assistants, machine learning, AI—it’s all taking us right back to our DNA of having one-on-one relationships with customers.

Time is the new currency. Our customers want to live their lives. Technology has changed their expectations, and we knew we needed to change our approach to service and marketing in order to meet those.

Our job is not to tell people they have to call us or visit us in a certain way, but to actually be where they’ve chosen to be. We are focused on making it a one-stop shopping experience, whenever, wherever, however the customer decides.

We believe your customers behave omni-channel all the time. When physically in a store, earlier online orientation makes them aware about pricing, information and convenience. When shopping online, an earlier experience in-store (or through friend-referral) makes them aware of your atmosphere, personal advice, services and even how clothes will fit and feel. Examining your touch points, we try to unite the experiences in the most transparent way possible, so that our customers are able to behave as they want to. This means that in all of your channels, personal service, advice and content should be tailored to the needs, functionality and convenience of the customer.

Simply understanding your customer’s behavior is not enough. Anticipating their expectations, preferences, behaviors, actions and trigger points is what separates the leaders from the rest of the pack. To make this a reality, real-time and predictive data loops create outstanding opportunities to drive growth.

With the proliferation of intelligent platforms and tools, even leading organizations can get mired down into analysis paralysis. Bridging the back and front office operations requires intelligent systems. Interwoven data-centric and intelligence tech stacks can reduce complexity and pave the way to deliver superior employee and customer experiences.

Enabling the AI-driven enterprise

We build domain-expert conversational intelligence, which does one thing, understanding everything lifestyle-related, but that one thing perfectly.

Furthermore, LIFEdata approach is able to make clear assumptions regarding what the user is talking about, and therefore able to understand much more complex questions and in a more natural way. This “goal-driven dialogue” technology is conversational AI to power AI-led automation

Intelligent connected devices that understand their environment
Embed instant cognition into your next product
Increase productivity solving everyday task that previously required human involvement

We’re here for you to:

  • Change data from a currency to be banked into the fuel that drives business
  • Enable all employees to engage with real-time data, increasing everyone’s productivity and ability to act on the data—including partners outside of the organization
  • Humanizing AI with empathy—including picking up on clues on customer motivation, how they feel in the moment, how they act in certain situations, and even what is happening around them.

Discover how AI & Small Data can deliver superior Customer Experience

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