Make your Business 3x More Accessible

Hear how to make even the most complex product easy to understand


Early Adopter Brands redesigning their digital properties with Voice-Assisted AI will see an Increase of 30% Revenue


Is Your Business prepared to live in Alexa's World?

Every business should have a voice.
Your website, apps, software (and Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana and Siri) can now join your workforce by helping other employees and starting a dialogue with your customers.


Nobody has time to wait.
Why they should search when they can just ask?

Employees now demand less bureaucracy and more intuition. We help you meet these changing employee expectations by voice-enabling high-frequency functions such as IT service desk, HR Benefits, expense approvals, facilities booking, directory assistance, and document search — for baby-boomers and Gen Z’ers alike.

Instant Voice for your Customers

Let’s transform business as usual.
People achieve more when the things they do every day become effortless. 

You’ve done your first pilot skill on Alexa, and gotten your customers’ attention. Now what? We help you go beyond the average voice skill that does simple single-turn conversations. With LIFEdata, you can create engaging multi-turn conversations with smart follow-ups that ensure that your customers use your skill or voice action beyond the first trial. Most Alexa skills are purely informational. With LIFEdata, you can integrate your voice skill with a range of enterprise systems, setup multi-factor verification for your customers, and help your customers complete end-to-end business transactions.

Focus on User, not Channel

Every smart assistant platform has a niche.

  • Alexa is great for at-home usage
  • Google Assistant on the phone is excellent for on-the-go usage
  • Microsoft and Apple are gearing towards the in-car experience.

Don’t be beholden to one smart assistant platform. With LIFEdata, you can build one smart voice assistant, and deploy on any platform so that you can reach your customers no matter where they are.

Build once. Deploy everywhere.

Voice AI Results


Shorter path to Answer or Booking


Increase in the Products Displayed


Improved in Search Quality Results

Download title Intelligenza Artificiale per Omnichannel

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LIFEdata Voice AI and Intelligent Process Automation

Turn stories into interactions, turn interactions into conversations and convert more business with Instant Voice and Conversational Marketing:

  • Automation and AI to add value to your business operations
  • Instant Voice for mobile commerce and web, a much more natural and efficient time-saving way of augmenting your services.

From simple FAQs to end-to-end Transactional Automation to make even the most complex products easy to access and understand by your customers, LIFEdata supports your Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience automation.

Conversational AI enabling new Online to Offline business

  • Voice-first
  • Instant on any device
  • Omnichannel (web, mobile app, Facebook, WhatsApp Business API, Google Assistant, Google Home, Amazon Alexa)

Consolidating the multiple pieces of customer interaction, employee productivity and product experience.

Multilingual (70 languages supported).

No need of set up and programming.

Proven results in weeks, not years

20-40 min
Live Prototype
2-4 days
Live Deployment
1-2 weeks
Enterprise Custom Setup
Live Deployment
1-3 months

Hear how we can help your Business leverage Voice AI

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