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In-Store Digital Experience


How can you sell more faster helping customers look for information while they explore your store?

Sell More with Voice-Enabled Commerce

Here’s how to build a new in-store digital experience:

  • People no longer follow a predictable and straight path to purchase. Now, they continue widening and narrowing their options as they shop.
  • Retailers have long dreaded showrooming — when people pull out their phones in a store and, presumably, start looking for a cheaper, better product from the competition.
  • People are on their phones more than ever in stores.


Make it easy for shoppers to find answers before they get to the store

Once a shopper has decided to visit your store, they turn to mobile to plan the trip in advance. From getting brand recommendations to checking product availability to looking up store hours, people arrive at the store more knowledgeable than ever before. Make these details easy to find across your online experiences to get customers primed and ready to buy.


Upgrade the In-Store Experience

When people are in your store, they’re getting more done than just their shopping. They’re also finding ways to pass the time and answer everyday questions while they shop. People are also looking for other kinds of assistance, such as language assistance. Demand for translation help is quickly growing. Checking social networks and the weather are popular in-store searches. They’re even brainstorming their next meal.

Moments like these create an enormous opportunity for marketers to provide fast and meaningful assistance that augments a customer’s in-store experience.


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  • In-Store

Turn data into real business:

  • Automation and AI to add value to your business operations
  • Instant Voice for mobile commerce and web, a much more natural and efficient time-saving way of augmenting your services.

From simple FAQs to end-to-end Transactional Automation to make even the most complex products easy to access and understand by your customers.

AI enabling new Online to Offline business

  • Voice-first
  • Instant on any device
  • Omnichannel (web, mobile app, Facebook, WhatsApp Business API, Google Assistant, Google Home, Amazon Alexa)

Consolidating the multiple pieces of customer interaction, employee productivity and product experience.

Multilingual (70 languages supported).

No need of set up and programming.

Sell more faster Helping Customers Look for Information while they Explore your Store

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