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Empower your Field Force with Voice and Instant Messaging



Still toggle between screens to complete tasks


What are Field Force solutions?

Field Force solutions or Field Service management or Field Service solutions help you manage your staff on the field. Our field force solutions are part of the Voice-Enabled Enterprise approach to make your business more agile and intelligent.

Your field force is used to a Omni-Channel User Experience because

  • There is so much data, so little time
  • They need instant access to relevant information to turn a critical, vulnerable moment with a customer into an opportunity for sales
  • They’re used to get information online and act in the physical world but enterprise systems are not really friendly and user-centric.

Voice AI

Voice AI simplifies users’ interactions with connected devices.

LIFEdata is a Voice AI platform that turns speech into actions to save people time and get them what they want as quickly as possible.

Field Force Solutions:

Field Service Solutions powered by AI


Have wasted Significant Time because of Inaccurate or Outdated Information


Average field technician Utilization Rate (Source: Oracle)

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How to Sell More with Field Force Solutions

Get more sales saving your employees time and getting them what they want as quickly as possible.

LIFEdata is an AI Voice platform that turns speech (and instant messaging) into action, enabling the Omni-Channel User Experience.

The LIFEdata AI platform simplifies human interactions with connected devices.

Empower your field force to true digital adoption and transform your organizational knowledge in ROI

Use Voice and Instant Messaging to give your field force access to current customer information, documents, tasks and provide personalized guidance to turn a critical, vulnerable moment with a customer into an opportunity for sales or loyalty.

Connected Field Force Solutions

Give your field the information they need to resolve case faster and sell more:

  • Instantly augment case knowledge
  • Automate case management processes across departments with real time notifications, Intelligently schedule. Seamlessly reschedule
  • Empower mobility in the field with fast access to relevant information, document autogeneration, photo upload, guided assistance

On any device, on any channel.
Via voice, text or WhatsApp.

Omni-Channel Intelligent Process Automation

We’re all going Omnichannel, whether we’re customers or employees.
Why should we search if we can just ask?

And our average attention span has fallen to a few seconds.

Nobody has time to wait.
Save people time and get them what they want as quickly as possible with connected Field Service solutions to turn a critical, vulnerable moment with a customer into an opportunity for sales and loyalty:

  • More sales opportunity and increased average volume
  • Improved first visit resolution
  • Decreased customer support call volume
  • Minimized windshield time.

Voice AI-Powered Field Force Management

Be customer first. Customers want the flexibility to self-schedule from your site or app. Self-scheduling capabilities allow customers to make, change, and update requests.
Automate notifications. Customers don’t want to be kept in the dark on the status of their appointment.
Intelligently schedule. Seamlessly reschedule. No longer spend time searching for the next-available colleague based on time, skill, location, equipment and manually scheduling appointments. In the event an appointment needs to be rescheduled, a customer can make updates through an online portal, app, or on their favorite channel of communication.
Empower mobility in the field. Mobile workers need the ability to understand an issue before they step on-site and get visibility into current job information, schedules, inventory, tasks, and customer data from their phones.

Proven results in weeks, not years

20-40 min
Live Prototype
2-4 days
Live Deployment
1-2 weeks
Enterprise Custom Setup
Live Deployment
1-3 months

Sell More Faster with Field Force Solutions powered by AI

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    Field Service Management

    Digital transformation connects your entire workforce and drives consumer-like experiences.
    A connected workforce solution unifies customer data, from service history to communications preferences, for a complete view that’s shared across the entire field service operation:

    • A Field Service solution streamlines communication with customers
    • A Field Service solution drives efficiencies for in-house departments
    • A Field Service solution gives mobile workers the information they need to resolve cases faster.

    Janssen Genia: Voice AI-Powered Field Service

    Janssen, a Johnson & Johnson company, had field service management and supply chain operations with:

    • COMPLEXITY, due to the presence of several interconnected field levels (in this case, hospital pharmacists, scientific informants and company departments) with privileged access to different information, according to compliance and process needs
    • INEFFICIENCY, due to time-consuming and bureaucratized procedures (such as filling in and sending forms), when the hospital pharmacist needs to spend time working hands-free.

    In November 2019 we released Genia, the first Voice-Enabled Enterprise solution with Intelligent Process Automation for hospital pharmacists in Italy.

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