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45 Touchpoints

Average purchase journey for a single hotel room

45 Touchpoints

Sell more helping travellers Look for Information while they Explore Destinations

Finding travel accommodations is protracted, complex, and sometimes annoying:

  • An average purchase journey for a single hotel room lasts 36 days; hits 45 touchpoints, distributed among search engines and the sites of intermediaries and suppliers; and involves multiple devices
  • For the traveler, time has an almost infinite opportunity cost
  • The proportion of cross-device travel-shopping journeys is rising—up ten percentage points in the past year.

Instant Voice to assist travelers

Assistance should start from the very first sign of intent. 

According to the recent travel research that Google conducted with Greenberg, search is the channel these travellers turn to first, so it’s important that travel marketers surface the right information, at the right time, across devices.

Put the traveler in control

As exciting as travel is, the process comes with a certain amount of uncertainty — will my flight be delayed or even cancelled? Will the room look anything like it did in the pictures? What if I lose my luggage or something valuable?

AI to Augment Travel Experiences

Common inefficiencies like inaccurate orders, long wait times, and inconsistent upselling can result in thousands of dollars of lost sales for your company:

  • Look for new clients where they are already at, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger
  • Give them a much more frictionless and time-saving interaction with Voice search, Voice browsing and Voice control.
  • Augment the traveler experience: When people look for a travel, they’re getting more done than just their booking. They’re also finding ways to pass the time. People are also looking for other kinds of assistance, such as language assistance. Demand for translation help is quickly growing. Checking social networks and the weather are popular searches.

Nearly 3 in 10 high-value travelers for hotels say not speaking foreign languages prevents them from traveling more.

Download title Intelligenza Artificiale per Omnichannel

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LIFEdata Conversational Service Automation AI

Here’s how to help, build a new augmented experience and close more business with Instant Voice and Conversational Marketing:

  • Automation and AI to add value to your business operations
  • Instant Voice for mobile commerce and web, a much more natural and efficient time-saving way of augmenting your services.

From simple FAQs to end-to-end Transactional Automation to make even the most complex products easy to access and understand by your customers, LIFEdata supports your Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience automation.


Conversational AI enabling new Online to Offline business

  • Voice-first
  • Instant on any device
  • Omnichannel (web, mobile app, Facebook, WhatsApp Business API, Google Assistant, Google Home, Amazon Alexa)

Consolidating the multiple pieces of customer interaction, employee productivity and product experience.

Multilingual (70 languages supported).

No need of set up and programming.

Proven results in weeks, not years

20-40 min
Live Prototype
2-4 days
Live Deployment
1-2 weeks
Enterprise Custom Setup
Live Deployment
1-3 months

Sell more helping travellers Look for Information while they Explore Destinations

    +90% retention rate
    Hilton digital solution

    The ability to choose your seat is one of the most fundamental parts of the airline experience, but travelers have no idea where in a hotel they’ll be sleeping.

    Hilton changed that, letting Hilton Honors members choose their exact room ahead of time from its app, bypass check-in lines, and use the app to unlock their door. Hilton’s efforts have paid off: its app has a +90% retention rate.

    +87% user engagement
    Emirates Vacations chatbot

    +87% user engagement for Emirates Vacations compared to traditional click-through ads.

    Airlines have been trying to find ways to drive more bookings to their own sites, instead of third-party online travel agencies. Customer service over Twitter has become a bigger part of airline operations. Chatbots are part of the solution together with Voice control.

    +24% Revenues
    Deutsche Bahn Data-Driven Digital Marketing

    According to Google, Artificial intelligence is not a threat to marketers. It’s an evolutionary opportunity.

    Deutsche Bahn used data (an algorithm) to find local destinations similar to international famous attractions creating a campaign to invite Germans to visit their country using the train.

    + 24% Revenues

    6.61% Conversion rate

    +259% app installs, augmenting travel with language assistance

    Travelers are looking for other kinds of assistance, such as language assistance primarily.

    Hostelworld, the No. 1 booking platform for hostels worldwide, wanted to address this barrier with technology. The company integrated a translation feature into its app, allowing users to engage in fluid conversations in up to 43 languages, which turned its app into a truly assistive travel companion.

    +259% Increase in app installs

    Spirit Airlines wants travelers to book flights via text message

    Discount carrier Spirit Airlines is planning to roll out next month booking services via text message, allowing travelers to buy flights and change reservations through text messaging platform WhatsApp — with almost as much ease and informality as organizing happy hour drinks.

    Customers will first interact with a chatbot that will provide basic information about the request and then a Spirit agent will take over. From there, the guest follows a link to complete the booking, outside of WhatsApp.

    United Airlines is also considering a chat platform to communicate with customers.

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