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How can you deliver a new level of end-to-end customer experience by connecting your employees and your customers with relevant data in real time?



the Internet of YOU

Whether you have a small business or a global brand, customers are asking your business today to demonstrate that not only are they protecting customer data, but they are also using it to act in the customer’s best interest at all times.

In order to win customers who seek well-being and peace of mind, all businesses must understand what these customers want, rather than focus simply on what their own products can do.

Welcome to the Internet of YOU!

By replacing human errors and bureaucracy, businesses powered by artificial intelligence and behavioral economics win customers with instant everything and smart, personalized connected experiences.

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Mobile First,
Digital Everything

Your smartphone knows your wedding anniversary is coming up, and you have a chat with it about how you might celebrate the event. Based on its deep understanding of you and your spouse, the device suggests a romantic weekend in Paris. You agree.

It knows from your photos and calendar that you got engaged at a small bistro in the 9th arrondissement, and from your travel history it knows you favor a boutique hotel near Parc Monceau and your preferred airline is Air France. It creates an itinerary and presents it to you for your approval.

After you’ve used your smartphone a few times to book trips, you trust the artificial intelligence (AI) that powers it so much that you authorize it to book everything — and to negotiate on your behalf — without even checking with you. Which leaves you time to get on with more important things, like deciding what to pack for your trip.


From Data
to Data-Driven

LIFEdata’s AI allows your company to trigger targeted interactions based on individualized insights about users’ past and present behaviors, as well as pattern predictions about the next thing they’re going to do. That makes your brand integral part of their life showing up where users interact in their daily lives.

Securely analyzing data from smartphones, wearables and connected devices LIFEdata platform generates actionable insights tailored to each user life, location, context and moment, automating your processes or enabling your employees to respond immediately with the next best action and maximize interactions because your brand become a contextual part of their life acting in their best interest.

How people go through their day

The key moments that matter

At the best moment

Turn Smartphone, IOT and Smart home data into behavioral insights and targeted actions.

Uncover when your users need your service most.

Make your business personal for each one of them.

WhatsApp For Business

LIFEdata connects enterprises of all sizes to WhatsApp’s Business solutions, making business-to-customer communications feel as natural as communicating with family and friends

Make Whatsapp Automated And Intelligent
LIFEdata Halo integrates with WhatsApp for Business to orchestrate automated, personalized customer/employee interactions saving data into your systems.

Take advantage of WhatsApp’s rich media capacity:

  • Share geolocations, images, and audio recordings and receive videos to gain context and provide support to customers included in the application more familiar to them…
  • Information regarding orders, deliveries, appointment reminders, payment processing and more on a platform your customers check multiple times per day
  • Event-based offers and alerts
    Reach your customers where they already are with individually-tailored offers based on location, behavior, events (traffic, transport, discounts, proximity…) or urgent updates such as travel itinerary changes, system outages, location-targeted alerts…

With 1.5 billion global users and end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp is poised to be the world’s most powerful business messaging channel. But WhatsApp’s commitment to trust and security means connecting to its new Business API is more burdensome than any other messaging channel.

LIFEdata makes it easy for businesses to create a brand presence and communicate with customers on WhatsApp. Apply now for a limited slot in the WhatsApp Business solutions early access program.
Whatsapp for Business is available on Android in selected countries only.

Engage with your customers on WhatsApp.
Communicate with our customers naturally via their preferred channel.

Cut through the noise and connect with customers in the most critical moments of the purchase experience. Securely conduct business on a private channel.

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