Personal conversations that convert, not ads

Use AI & Small Data to Personalize Smart, Connected Experiences that Convert New Leads


Omni-Channel Data-Driven Marketing

Enabling the Internet of YOU

Today, people can—and do—optimize their lives with search.

Whether it’s taking a vacation or going out to dinner, people curate their experiences before they go.

It helps them get excited, lets them feel more confident and less anxious, and makes them feel like they’re getting the most out of every moment.

Using sophisticated AI and machine learning, from natural language processing to neural nets, LIFEdata turns incomprehensible big data into marketing-specific action items.

Are you a fashion addict or a restaurant obsessive?

Do you know someone who is?

After back and forth about time and location and type of cuisine, you all agree on a restaurant and make a reservation. Most of you likely leave it at that.

But there seems to be one in every group who goes to the restaurant website and scours the menu. She hits multiple review sites, social feeds, and turns to search to find every scrap of information available.

Maybe she’s just trying to get a jump on the ordering process. Maybe she wants to see prices.

Maybe she wants to be a helpful hero, crafting the best possible experience for everyone else.

Not only does she want to be prepared, but he finds the preparation emotionally rewarding.

Personal Ads

Conversational commerce or conversational AI is too often confused with chatbots, and chatbot experiences are often frustrating.

Conversational AI is not a chatbot, a chatbot is just one of the interfaces that can be used and it will be smart or stupid based on the intelligence engine you put behind it.

Amazon, Google and Netflix are disrupting our habits – and making billions – with lifestyle-personalized targeting and personalized recommendations.

Just think about if you can use the same super-powers, if you can really use the data you’ve about your clients for business actions. Often you company knows more than Google, but you don’t have the expertise and tools to convert data in business.

Conversational approaches with predictive recommendations have shown surges in sales +170% and recall + 1,000%.

The Weather Company and IBM were the first to start serving display ads created by Watson, offering contextual relevance for users based on individual location, as well as additional info gathered through user interactions.

LIFEdata SmartBrain is able to understand what a user is asking for, think about the answer and then provide experiences related to the brand that are actually useful for the consumer applying psychographics and adaptive technology.

See Citibank’s way to contextual, behavioral marketing with simple weather-based ads (use different weather conditions to promote the same product):

Conversational Banners

Now we’re putting individual targeting and engagement further: Behavioral psychology derives from the assumption that everything humans learn is through interaction with their environments. LIFEdata invented AI-powered conversational banners: a banner that interacts and answers directly to your consumers.

Think how many contact you’re losing once they click the banner and they land on your page. With LIFEdata contextual advertising the banner dialog interacts in real time with your users increasing ten folds your conversion chances.

It’s not an iframe so it’s not blocked by Google or Facebook Advertising but it interacts natively with our dialog management engine.

Think about the first branded message as being a conversation starter that answers the “who” and the “what.” As you hook your audience and pique their curiosity, offer creative messaging that answers the “how” and “when” that guides them farther through the purchase funnel. And when they are fully engaged, help them answer “where” to purchase it.

Once captured the contact we suggest to create look-a-like profiles passing your most profitable clients with machine learning to set look-a-like or custom audiences targeting for online advertising. Harley Davidson has been pioneering this approach generating + 40% in new sales.


WhatsApp Engagement

LIFEdata connects enterprises of all sizes to WhatsApp’s Business solutions, making business-to-customer communications feel as natural as communicating with family and friends

LIFEdata Halo integrates with WhatsApp for Business to orchestrate automated, personalized customer/employee interactions saving data into your systems.
Take advantage of WhatsApp’s rich media capacity:

  • Share geolocations, images, and audio recordings and receive videos to gain context and provide support to customers included in the application more familiar to them…
  • Information regarding orders, deliveries, appointment reminders, payment processing and more on a platform your customers check multiple times per day
  • Event-based offers and alerts
Reach your customers where they already are with individually-tailored offers based on location, behavior, events (traffic, transport, discounts, proximity…) or urgent updates such as travel itinerary changes, system outages, location-targeted alerts…

With 1.5 billion global users and end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp is poised to be the world’s most powerful business messaging channel. But WhatsApp’s commitment to trust and security means connecting to its new Business API is more burdensome than any other messaging channel.

LIFEdata makes it easy for businesses to create a brand presence and communicate with customers on WhatsApp.

Mobile has become an indispensable part of our lives. Our mobile apps help you influence behaviors and preferences of your consumers. We do this by leveraging the numerous, intent-rich moments when people turn to their smartphones to act on a need to learn something or do something. With LIFEdata technology, you can be there and be useful for them in those moments boosting your ubiquitous brand utility through a personalized smart home experience that integrates all smart home sensors in your data capture strategy and your support into moments that are really meaningful for your users.

Responding to each user’s contextual needs results in better conversion. By understanding moments in your user’s day, you can predict when is the moment to engage.

Target shoppers when they are close to the store and offer hyper-personalized offers based on their custom profile and behavior to increase foot traffic and sales.

Understand when shoppers are at the store and offer tailored discounts. Through messaging, the in-store associate experience is provided on-demand and at scale.

Discover how Omni-Channel Data-Driven Marketing powered by AI & Small Data can grow your Business and cut Conversion Costs


We’ve created a customer data hub for a luxury car autodealer with all features to capture, classify and process data from various sources and:

  • Detect and manage a unique user profile in an omnichannel scenario
  • Increase the redemption rate thanks to a better knowledge of their interests and expectations
  • Create predictive analytics models for lead acquisition and Next Best Action/Next Best Offer workflows.

BIG DATA & ANALYTICS are coming into your daily business practice. Weather conditions are customizing personal ads with the safest car or 4WD (Next Best Offer). An intelligent CHATBOT tailor dialog and interaction to facilitate on-boarding (Next Best Action: car configuration, personalized offer or book an appointment) enriching a unique prospect profile through omnichannel initiatives (web, social, mobile, WhatsApp for business). MACHINE LEARNING is used to analyze the most profitable clients (COLLABORATIVE FILTERING) and generate specific personas for look-a-like targeting that drives new sales. Harley Davidson has pioneered this technique registering a +40% rise in sales.


Data Analytics
LIFEdata transforms data into insights for you and your customers. By combining machine learning and behavioral science we are able to identify usage patterns and help consumers better understand their usage and help you better understand your customers.

Reduce Waste
LIFEdata’s consumption data analytics provide consumers as well as companies with insights into usage patterns.

Improve customer experience
Motivate waste reduction and increase awareness of usage with behavioral science.


We help marketers create context-rich, personalized 1:1 customer conversations, delivered instantly via a Conversational AI platform for brands

  • Rich messagging experiences.
  • A powerful conversation-to-conversion engine. Each chat flow is designed as a funnel that leads to a conversion. Whether your goal is to sell products, book appointments or generate leads for your service, our platform puts the power of AI at the service of your brand’s KPIs.
  • Culturally relevant, enterprise-ready AI. Our enterprise-ready AI is safe for your brand. We can train your bot’s brain with your tone and manner and integrate with your first-party data. Or we can learn from your human agents by monitoring their conversations over time.
    No black box, no obscure algorithm. You’re in full control of your brand experience. Plus, our platform is fully secure and built for scale.