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Nobody has Time to Wait

So much data. So little time.
We’re all going Omnichannel, whether we’re customers or employees. Our average attention span has fallen to a few seconds.

Why should we search if we can just ask?

Nobody has time to wait.
Being there to satisfy people’s immediate needs is the new battleground for companies and brands.

Save people time and get them what they want as quickly as possible with Voice-Enabled Enterprise solutions to turn a critical, vulnerable moment with a customer into an opportunity for sales and loyalty.

Powering the Omni-Channel User Experience

LIFEdata is an AI Voice platform that turns speech (and instant messaging) into action, powering the Omni-Channel User Experience.

LIFEdata is the technology for the Real Time Enterprise: Make your website, ecommerce and all business processes Voice-enabled for the Omni-Channel User Experience.

The LIFEdata AI platform simplifies human interactions with connected devices through Voice and Instant Messaging.

Empower users to true digital adoption to transform knowledge into ROI.

AI for Omni-Channel User Experience

AI for the Omni-Channel User Experience

  • Simplifies human interactions with connected devices
  • Empowers productivity for customers and employees
  • Captures and connects all organizational knowledge, transforming it into ROI.

AI Solutions for Enterprise:

AI for the Real Time Enterprise

The digital transformation of business relationships is based on the power of Instant, Individual Utility: From Voice to Action.

Use Voice and Instant Messaging to give your field force access to current customer information, documents, tasks and provide personalized guidance to turn a critical, vulnerable moment with a customer into an opportunity for sales or loyalty.